5 Furniture Makers in the Northern Rivers

Furniture has the power to transform a space. Amidst the realm of mass production and inferior materials, an extraordinary cohort of furniture makers dedicate themselves to the craft of hand-shaping future heirlooms. Fortunately for us, the Northern Rivers is a haven for a range of traditional, contemporary and eclectic makers. So before parting with your hard-earned cash for a mass-produced piece of furniture bound to fade in a few short years, consider the local touch. Here are some of our favourite local furniture makers in the Northern Rivers that you can choose from. 


Martin Johnston

Second-gen cabinet maker Martin Johnston’s craft resonates with heritage and innovation. Handmade in his Billinudgel workshop, Marty’s designs blend modernity with the nostalgia of mid-century Australian aesthetics. True craftsmanship and experimentation unite in furniture that embodies the essence of Bunjalung Country, where he honed his skills. Wood and hand tools, passed from father to son, infuse each piece with tradition and a contemporary flair. Marty’s pieces evoke the timeless designs of the 50s and 60s, a tribute to both the past and the present.

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Hendrix the Maker

Hendrix, a Byron local, transforms recycled Australian hardwood into bespoke furniture. A former Naval Engineer, award-winning boat builder, and men’s fashion designer, Mark’s journey is as eclectic as his creations. Salvaged timber from the Northern Rivers and SE Queensland finds new life as black butt, tallowwood, and brush box, radiating contemporary elegance. His tables grace the eateries of Byron, while bespoke lounges and bar stools adorn hotspots like Loft Byron and Combi.

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JD.Lee Furniture

JD.Lee Furniture champions simplicity and sustainability. Crafting handcrafted furniture on the Far North Coast, they embrace nature’s beauty. Timber is chosen with care, sourced locally, milled, seasoned, and handcrafted into enduring pieces. Every design revolves around durability, employing detailed joinery and thoughtful craftsmanship. A commitment to reducing waste drives their design-for-disassembly ethos, ensuring every part serves a purpose. JD.Lee Furniture stands for more than just design; it’s a reflection of responsible consumption.

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500 Workshop

Based in Mullumbimby, 500 Workshop creates custom furniture that transcends trends. Adrian Spano’s ethos of “buy less, buy well” shapes each piece, defying disposable culture. These bespoke creations utilize timber, brass, glass, and fabric, tailored to individual needs. Their commitment to longevity and quality mirrors their clientele, including Quartz Gallery, Electric Lens Co., and more. With design, prototyping, and production services, 500 Workshop crafts enduring elegance.

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Mr and Mrs White

Nathan and Sasha White’s passion shapes Mr and Mrs White’s handcrafted furniture. From Murwillumbah, their designs mirror their life philosophy: simplicity and quality. A background in traditional boat building nurtured their love for timber, and their pieces reflect meticulous craftsmanship. Their furniture, born from their own home, matures with age, embracing life’s changes. Anchored in family values, Mr and Mrs White brings lasting design to everyday living.

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