3 of Our Favourite Architecture Photobooks

Book 1 — Learning from Surfers Paradise by @johngollings

A rephotography survey of images from Surfers Paradise made in 1973. Gollings used the same cameras and lenses, found the exact locations and matched the composition regardless of any modern awkwardness in the image.

Book 2 — ‘Shooting Space: Architecture in Contemporary Photography’ by @eliasredstone.

A gorgeous presentation of a diverse range of subjects and themes across the architecture and contemporary photography environments. Unfortunately the 2022 flood claimed our copy (as pictured)!

Book 3 — ‘Cape to Bluff’ by @simon_devitt, Andrea Stevens and Luke Scott.

A compelling journey through the most spectacular parts of the country, and a compelling representation of how New Zealander’s see themselves and the world, from the inside out.

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